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Streetwise Wireless Phone Charger Wi-Fi DVR


Cell phone chargers are very commonplace in today's homes and businesses so no one will suspect it contains a hidden camera and recorder. Introducing the Streetwise Wireless Wi-Fi Phone Charger, it not only charges all compatible wireless charging phones but can record video onto a micro-SD card (not included). The unit can also be connected to your Wi-Fi for live streaming to your smartphone or tablet wherever you go.

The motion detection feature means the camera will only record when motion occurs saving you time when searching video for any events. Motion alert notifications can be setup on your mobile device so you'll know when anyone enters a room or area that you want to be protected. You can then log in to the free APP to view live video or playback, you can also turn on the camera's audio to hear what is happening.

No need to worry about a battery running out since the unit is AC powered for continuous operation. The hidden camera lens is unnoticeable on the front of the unit and provides a very wide 120-degree angle of view with 1080p resolution.


  • Motion detection & real-time notifications
  • ¬†The wireless charger can charge both Android and Apple phones that are capable of wireless charging
  • ¬†Wireless charging in both vertical or horizontal position
  • ¬†Clock displays the time in either 12 or 24-hour mode
  • ¬†Back charging panel angle can be adjusted to give you the best view of your phone while it charges
  • ¬†1080P full HD wide-angle (120 degree) video
  • ¬†AC powered so you are not limited by battery life
  • ¬†Micro SD loop recording
  • ¬†Supports up to 128 GB micro-SD card (not included)
  • ¬†Motion-activated recording to the SD card and notification via text or email


  • Streetwise Wireless Phone Charger Wi-Fi DVR
  • Micro USB with Wall Charger
  • Instructions