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Color: BeigeLeather case, Size: M - Fluffy Long Plush Warm Pet Blanket


1. Crafted blankets, plush fabrics, super soft and comfortable, perfect for pets to snuggle and rest on your couch.
2. This blanket is soft, lightweight and durable. warm and cozy
3. This pet blanket is made of soft plush, allowing your pet to sleep comfortably on the sofa or bed, keeping you warm and comfortable.
4. Versatility: Protect your sofa, bed and household items from chewing, scratching and falling off while keeping your pet dry and comfortable.
5. It is also great for helping to keep unwanted pet hair and hair from the effects of sofas and sofas. Easy to clean: Machine washable without damaging the soft fabric.
6.No lint does not shrink, durable.

Material: Cloth
Color: white fur brown tip
S number: 76*45cm (recommended pet sleeping within 5 kg)
M number: 93*56cm (recommended pet sleeping within 9 kg)
L number: 108*63cm (recommended for sleeping within 17.5 kg)
XL number: 123*72cm (recommended pet sleeping within 22.5 kg)
Height: 5 cm
Gross length: 4CM plush

Package Content:
1 x Blanket